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Here's some of the battle reports I have written over the years!

2010 Tangler at Engler in Farmington, Missouri **NEW!**

Click here for a four-page battle report with 100 photos of this super regional battle!

2009 Labor Day Battle in Springfield, Missouri

Click here for photos of the USS Alabama at the Labor Day battle. This was the first battle of the Alabama since 2002 NATS in Houston!

2007 Nationals - Houston, Texas

2006 Fall Fray at Brays, Springfield, MO

Click here for a battle report with tons of photos of the fun at Ritter Springs park in Springfield, Missouri!

2005 NATS, Inonia, MI

This was my first NATS with the new scratch built Gneisenau. Click here for Kevin Bray's battle report! Click here for photos from 2005 nationals in Ionia, Michigan. This was a great NATS, with an awesome pond, and was also the first event for my new Gneisenau!

2004 Fall Bray Latte, Siloam Springs, AR

Lots of folks got together for a fun time in Arkansas. Click here for a battle report, and stay tuned to TF-144 for photos of the event!

December 2002, Pearl Harbor Memorial Battle at Bomber Field in Monaville, Texas

I recently found some photos from this fun event. This was one of the first battles at Bomber Field. Click here for more details!


I served as the site host for the 2002 MWC Nationals in Houston. Click here for Joshua Bruder's Task Force 144 battle report!

NATS returned to Houston in 2007! Click here for more information about NATS!

2001 MWC NATIONALS - Missouri

I attended the first few days of the MWC Nationals in Missouri in 2001. This was the first event for my USS Portland and the USS Yorktown! Click here for the world famous LARS Chronicles battle report!

April 14th, 2001, Spring Texas Battle, Mesquite, Texas

Another great time in Texas, at this unsanctioned battle. A new USS Houston hit the water for the first time. Also, 6 battlers duked it out with a mixture of new ships and freshly sheeted ships. Click here for photos of the event!

December 9th, Pearl Harbor Memorial Battle, Mesquite, Texas

This was a great time for all. During this battle, there was a cruiser showdown! Click here for a battle report!

November 4th, Baxley, Georgia

z-38 had a good showing on it's first battle, and a good time was had by all.

2000 MWC NATIONALS, Perry, Georgia

The boys from Texas made all the difference this year at NATS, as Bryan Finster and I took incredible damage all week long, and returned much of the same. We've lost my battle report, but here is the report from the LARS Chronicles!

August 21, Tulsa, Oklahoma, THE FRAY AT BRAYS II

I went to Tulsa with the completed Bismark, and the Post-Nats Gneisenau. After the "gesuntite" was beached out of control, I decided on a major refit, shown here just before the Spring 2000 Missouri Regional...

1999 MWC NATIONALS, Oklahoma City

Click here for the famous LARS Chronicles report about my very first NATIONALS event in Oklahoma City... and the first NATS for my new battlecruiser Gneisenau!

May 29-30, Springfield, Missouri regional battle

Click here for a battle report.

The Fray At Brays - Tulsa Oklahoma - April '99

Click here for a full battle report!

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