Steve's Shipyard



Another fantastic battle at Ritter Springs, thanks to the hard work of Kevin Bray. Brian Lamb and Paul Block met me at my house on Friday, and we drove up to Springfield. I had a ton of fun with my cruiser, the Portland. She was a little rusty, being practically untouched since returning from NATS 2006 in Orlando, Florida. Kevin came with his son, Bryan, and we also had the great pleasure of having James Foster and Jay Edwards and Rick Whitsell come to enjoy the day. There was a little rain, but not enough to damp our high spirits!

The battlers included:

  • Bryan Bray
  • Kevin Bray
  • Paul Block
  • Kevin Hovis
  • Trystan Thompson
  • Trent Thompson
  • John Bruder
  • Brian Lamb
  • Bob Hoernemann
  • Steve Reynolds
  • Chris Groissaint
  • Steve Reichenbach
  • and others...
  • Hugging and slugging!

    Battlers standing on the dock

    Rick Whitsel describing a top secret maneuver

    The proud captain of the Graff Spee

    Bob and Chris

    Bryan Bray

    James and Jay

    Bob goes swimming for a boat

    The boat docks made fun obstacles for battling!

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