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Click here to read about a Houston rookie's first attempt to build a cruiser... the USS HOUSTON. The USS HOUSTON was launched on March 20, 1999 with much fanfare. Click here to view photos of the event!

Cruisers are a good starting ship for rookies. I strongly recommend that newcomers to this very cool hobby should start with a cruiser like the Houston or Lutzow or another favorite, the Prinz Eugen!

The USS Portland is one example of the cruisers that participated in the second world war. These "prewar treaty class" ships performed very important assignments, including transporting the components of the atomic bomb to Tinian. Tragically, many of these ships were sunk during the war. The sinking of the Indianapolis (a sister ship of the Portland) occurred weeks before the war end, and like the Houston, is a story worth reading about.

Here are some photos of the Indianapolis before and during the war. Notice how much the appearance of the ship changed!

Cruisers are fun to build, in part because of their interesting role in history. Also, there is a wide range of sizes, gun arrangements, and types of cruisers. Click here for some help in selecting the best cruiser to build!

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