Steve's Shipyard



Aircraft carriers are not designed as gun platforms, so in the hobby of model warship combat, many members wonder why anyone would want to build an aircraft carrier. Here are a few reasons...

1) The carrier is the largest class 3 ship. Having such a great displacement, they are very tough to sink.

2) Aircraft carriers are very tall. They are perfect blocking ships for the campaign battle, as two carriers can sandwich a convoy ship, screening it from the enemy ships.

3) Carriers are very nice looking ships, especially with the aircraft mounted on deck, making for good publicity for the hobby.

4) The club exists so that the members can have fun. Build whatever ship you want to build, and have fun!

5) There is a tremendous challenge in battling a carrier, with little risk. The challenge is to remain afloat, while the enemy attacks. If they do sink the carrier, it is only a class 2 or class 3 ship. Also, a carrier will take a lot of hits to sink, meaning that any enemy shots spent on sinking the carrier will be shots not spent on smaller, easier to sink ships. Your team benefits overall, costing less sink points, and consuming the enemy's offensive capability.

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