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Axis Carriers -


The Hiryu is a Japanese fleet aircraft carrier, that served as a target block ship during cam-pain at MWC NATS 99. This magnificient ship is owned by Gerald Roberts.


The Akagi is another Japanese fleet carrier. Lou Meszaros built the Akagi! The Akagi sailed with the Kaga, Hiryu and Soryu during the battle of Midway.

Allied Carriers -


The Lexington is an American fleet aircraft carrier, over 6 feet long! This photo shows a beautiful model that was recently on display in St. Louis at Union Station. The owner lives in Colorado, and built the model from mostly aluminum. The Lexington gets 3.5 units, which would make it a good match for the Akagi!


The USS Yorktown is another great US fleet carrier. The model is roughly the same size as the DKM Gneisenau, and has the ability to run with 2 pumps, or as a campain ship. Check out my Yorktown here! The Yorktown, Hornet, and Enterprise were three of the most famous sister-ships of the second world war. Yorktown returned from the battle of the Coral Sea, where Lexington had sunk, and was sunk after the battle of Midway. Dr. Robert Ballard found the Yorktown in 1998, during a deep sea diving expedition.

USS Yorktown in drydock at Pearl Harbor in 1942

USS Yorktown on my workbench in 2007

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