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Allied Battlecruisers

The British had some very cool battlecruisers which were considered as battleships except for thier lighter armor and higher speed. The HMS Renown and HMS Repulse are good examples of the battlecruiser type. One of the most loved ship in the British navy was the HMS Hood, which was destroyed by the Bismarck early in the 2nd world war!

The US Navy experimented with battlecruisers, but ended up converting the Lexington and Saratoga to aircraft carriers. Later in the 2nd world war, the Alaska class of battlecruiser was launched.

Axis Battlecruisers-

German battlecruisers included the mighty Gneisenau and Scharnhorst. These ships, along with the Prinz Eugen, steamed up the English Channel in broad daylight from France to Germany without being sunk by the British! These ships are well known in our hobby as some of the few Axis ships with triple stern guns.

Japan also had the Kongo class battlecruiser! This thing has a very pesky stern sidemount!

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