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So you found Steve's Shipyard and you are wondering who this "Steve" guy is, and what he is all about? Well, here is my profile:

Faith: When you build a lot of complicated software systems at work, and building some fairly complicated model boats, it takes too much faith to believe that this complex world we live in was created by accident. As a believer in God, I've looked to what I am convinced is the ultimate authority on who God is, and what He created us to do, so I read and try my best to learn from the Holy Bible. Now that kind of statement could make some think that I'm some religious fanatic, but in fact I'm just a guy trying his best to do what is right, and to become a better person each day. I've made a ton of mistakes along the way, including some fairly stupid sins which offended God and other people, and I sure appreciate the people in this world who have forgiven me or at least overlooked a few of my many flaws. To sum up, life is about giving glory to God in most everything we do in our life, and I'm not 100% there yet, so I aim to be graceful to others who like me are not perfect. My faith in God and desire to please Him is the most important thing going on in my life. To learn more about my faith check out the four spiritual laws and check out living the spirit-filled life.

Family: I'm very fortunate to have a mom, dad, sister, brother, aunts, uncles, a great wife and kids. I've lost my grandparents now, which was a tough thing to go through. The last few years have brought even more changes, as our daughters are transitioning into adulthood. I'm looking forward to see them grow as adults, and to take what they have learned and go make this world a better place. That and my wife is such a very cool person, and I'm enjoying the last few years. Together we decided to add a son to the family, and he keeps us both young! My wife also has a few hobbies, and we enjoy spending time together, and time with our hobbies.

Fun: I'm a big believer in balance in life. Work hard, then take time to play! I hope you have fun surfing my hobby web site!

Model Warship Style: They say in the club there are "builders" and "battlers". I'm a builder, which means I enjoy the modeling aspect of what we do. I love the fact that my model boats don't just have the challenge of looking like the real boat, but that they also have the challenge of enduring a week long combat event. That pushes issues like reliability to the extreme. Building in gun systems and drive systems and radio systems really makes this a challenging and fun hobby!

Best Known For: In our hobby club, I'm best known for building a lot of boats, ramming a lot of other boats especially in 1999 with a climax in 2000 when I tee-boned Lars (see the 2000 NATS battle report!) which earned me the knick name "Sir Ramsalot". I'm also pretty well known for being the "aircraft carrier" guy, especially after 2001 NATS (again, see the battle report!)

Age: I was born about the same time that man started walking on the moon. My earliest memories on TV (black and white) was of Gerald Ford being sworn in after Nixon resigned. Back in my grade school years I used to get cardboard boxes from local store owners and use them to make ship hulls, which became the Lexington, the Enterprise, the Essex, the Independence (small box that day) and even the Pennsylvania battleship. My cardboard fleet was equipped with those diecast metal airplanes! It was cool to grow up and build nice radio-controlled versions of some of these ships.

Profession: My professional degree is in business management and I've enjoyed project management, product management and product development leadership positions.

Other Interests: Look for me on Facebook if you do that sort of thing. Some of my other interests include traveling, NASCAR, reading history books, walking on trails, playing tennis and completing home improvement projects. I've also enjoyed being a Fire Fighter / EMT for a local volunteer fire department when we lived in Houston, Texas!

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