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1/2 Unit Pump   Z-38

I built a destroyer for the 2000 battle year. Take a tour of the model here.

Destroyer Rules (or why build a destroyer)

1. Destroyers use a "2" minute rule instead of the "5" minute rule.

2. Destroyers are faster, with at least 22 second per 100 foot speed.

3. Destroyers are quick and easy to build, as long as you know how to build them. Only one gun, one pump, 3 servos, etc.

4. Destroyers have the same tactical advantage in the hobby as they did in actual service, being fast, and able to go in quickly, fire torpedoes, and break away from the action. They also are very capable of sinking other ships.

5. Destroyers can be built on almost any table, and fit easily on almost any shelf. They are the perfect "spare" ship.

6. Destroyers get to reload, rearm, and recharge during campain at NATS. With a "2" minute rule, they can get a lot of action.

7. Destroyers are very light, easy to carry, and very agile in the water.

Selecting the right Destroyer

When selecting a Destroyer, take the following factors into consideration:

  • is it allowed to weigh 4 pounds or more?
  • is it big enough,in length and beam, to fit stuff inside?
  • does it have dual rudders (extra rudder area)?
  • is it available in a fiberglass hull?
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